Momordica charantia Linn. (Karela) commonly known as Bitter melon or Bitter gourd is tropical and subtropical climber of the family Cucurbitaceae. It is widely distributed in China, Malaysia, India and tropical Africa. The Latin name Momordica means “to bite” (referring to the jagged edges of the leaf, which appear as if they have been bitten). All parts of the plant, including the fruit taste very bitter , as it contains a bitter compound called momordicin that is believed to have a stomachic effect . In Ayurveda, various parts of Momordica charantia (Karela) are recommended for many diseases like; cholera, bronchitis, anemia, blood diseases, ulcer, diarrhea, dysentery, sexual tonic and as a cure for gonorrhea . Karela contains an array of biologically active plant chemicals including triterpens, proteins, steroids, alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids and acids due to which plant possesses anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-fertility, anti-tumorous, hypoglycemic and anti-carcinogenic properties.

Product Description:

Karela Capsule contains contain constituents that act like insulin to help reduce blood sugar levels. They support restoration of functional pancreatic beta cells that secrete insulin in the body, and helps maintain healthy glucose levels.
By overcoming the resistance to insulin, Karela capsules promote healthy glucose utilization by the body’s tissues. It has antioxidant properties help scavenge cell-damaging effects of free radicals and reduce the risk of glucose instability complications.


Usage and Indication:

  1. Reduce blood sugar levels.
  2. Restoration of functional pancreatic beta cells that secrete insulin in the body,
  3. Helps in maintaining healthy glucose level.
  4. Reduce the risk of glucose instability complications.



Key Ingredient:

The different parts of the Karela are known for various biological activities: Root – Acrid, astringent, bitter. Leaf – Antipyretic, bitter, emetic, purgative. Fruits – Acrid, anthelmintic, anti-diabetic, anti inflammatory, appetizer, bitter, depurative, digestive, purgative, stimulant, stomachic, thermogenic . Ayurvedic Properties Momordica charantia Linn. (Karela), a vegetable/ medicinal plant is used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine for treating various diseases including diabetes mellitus, measles, fever, hepatitis, itch etc.