Popularly known as “gurmar” for its distinct property, as a sugar destroyer, is a reputed herb in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. The phytoconstituents responsible for sweet suppression activity includes triterpene saponins known as gymnemic acids, gymnemasaponins, and a polypeptide, gurmarin. The herb exhibits a broad range of therapeutic effects as an effective natural remedy for diabetes, besides being used for arthritis, diuretic, anemia, osteoporosis, hypercholesterolemia, cardiopathy, asthma, constipation, microbial infections, indigestion, and anti-inflammatory. G. sylvestre has good prospects in the treatment of diabetes as it shows positive effects on blood sugar homeostasis, controls sugar cravings, and promotes regeneration of pancreas.


Product Description:

It helps in reducing sugar levels by promoting the secretion of insulin, regenerating pancreatic cells, and increasing the activities of enzymes responsible for healthy glucose utilization.
Provides support in achieving healthy body weight, and helps prevent triglyceride accumulation in the muscles and liver.
Helps prevent fatty acid accumulation in the circulatory system and the hardening of blood vessels.


Key Ingredient: Meshashringi in Sanskrit and Sarkaraikolli in Tamil, was investigated for the control of type I (insulin dependent) diabetes in experimental animals. The hypoglycaemic extract was found to bring about blood glucose homeostasis, by increasing serum insulin levels. The islets of langerhans appear to be restored or regulated by the herbal extract. Increased glycoprotein, which is the major metabolic abnormality in diabetes mellitus and the resultant nephropathy, retinopathy and micro and macroangiopathy, is brought under control by the administration of the leaf extract.


Usage and Indication:

  1. It helps in reducing sugar levels
  2. Enhances the secretion of insulin.
  3. Regenerates pancreatic cells


1 tablet twice daily or as directed by your physician.